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When is it better to sell bitcoin - on the eve of the weekend
This week has provided excellent opportunities for players who are planning to enter the MTC market. At the same time, there is no reason to blame the target audience for missing out on profits. Over the past few days, there has been a two-fold drawdown, which has led to the desire not only to take risks but also to provoke suspicion. Long-term investors and sprinters today are tempted to buy bitcoin for $ 44,000. A month ago, the MTC rate was 29.6 thousand. However, no one can give a forecast for the period after the weekend.

Is it worth exchanging bitcoin for fiat or is it worth keeping it?
MicroStrategy is institutional investors who hold onto cryptocurrency. After all, the profit amounted to at least $ 1.8 billion. This indicator was on May 18, when an anti-record was recorded for $ 29.8 thousand. And from that period, the company continued to buy and also started investing in other cryptocurrencies. The same principle is followed by players such as:

  • Morgan Stanley;

  • Square;

  • Grayscale Investments.

We should also emphasize the emergence of BTC integration in the PayPal system. More than 360 million users today use the system for work. Therefore, Bitcoin withstands any blows, including the accidents of mining farms in China and the change in the altcoin protocol to Proof-of-Stake.

As for 20.08. then at this time bitcoin overcame 48 thousand dollars, thereby having every chance of reaching 50 thousand dollars. However, for sprinters and mid-term players, it is recommended to be ready to sell before the drawdown of 23.08-26.08.

Fallback - exchange bitcoin for altcoins
If we compare the rate of BTC and altcoins, then it grows slowly, and for this, several specific reasons must be taken into account. But when switching to top tokens, you can get a total failure due to being tied to bitcoin. Few traders are interested in selling Bitcoin for Ethereum. This is because the exchange rate after the London hard fork is kept at the desired level only due to the future phase 2.0 and the corresponding BTC pump. As for little-known altcoins, the situation is similar with them, however, the rate grows several times:

  • Plethori (PLE);

  • BiFi (BIFI);

  • Lotto Nation (LNT);

  • TreatDAO (TREAT);

  • Bifrost (BFC);

  • RisingSun (RSUN);

  • DogemonGo (DOGO).

Now it is worth saying a few words about the course changes that are being recorded today. After all, the current situation should always be in the spotlight. 300% is the average rate of growth of the exchange rate, which is fixed today. At the same time, the pump took place this week. As for the army of cryptocurrency traders, a category of bonus hunters has emerged, for whom the potential of altcoins is indifferent. And they are also not very interested in bitcoin. At the same time, for those typical traders who are not interested in dubious digital assets, stablecoins may be interesting. It should be noted that the most reliable digital analog of the national currency is Tether USTD. The difference about the exchange rate. is formed depending on the commission set by the trading floor.

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