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How to exchange bitcoin for cash dollars
To carry out the procedure for selling bitcoins, several steps are required:

  • Filling in all the fields of the form, after which the exchange is made using the "Exchange" button;

  • Familiarization with the terms of the agreement, after which, using the "Create an application" button, proceed to the next stage;

  • Communication with company managers, which is possible in several ways.

Withdraw bitcoins to dollars
  • Creation of an application through the form on the website;

  • Fixing the course in the application for 10 minutes until payment is received. In the event that there are failures with the payment, the rate is recalculated every 10 minutes anew;

  • Fixing the rate on the Binance exchange, while there is a deduction of a commission of 1.5%;

  • After that. As the application was created, users should contact the managers in a convenient way, which will allow them to agree on all the nuances of the exchange;

  • For transactions in cash, only working hours are suitable, while the indication of the schedule can be found in the profile header;

  • After the application has been agreed, it must be paid. Also, payment is possible on the spot directly at the office. After the application has been paid, the course will be fixed;

  • After the network has been confirmed for the first time, then you can easily get cash at the office.

If there is a need for the opposite situation, it is possible to purchase bitcoin for cash

It is worth noting that for a quick transaction, it is necessary to transfer bitcoins from the wallet, and not from the exchange. If the currency is stored on the exchange, then its transfer must be done in advance.

In addition, there is an option to exchange bitcoin for Privat24 in Ukraine.


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