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Withdraw Dogecoin to a Raiffeisen bank card
This page helps you to withdraw Dogecoin to a Raiffeisen bank card. At the same time, the exchange of DOGE is possible only for its hryvnia equivalent. If you need to use a different currency, this can also be done.

The procedure is carried out automatically, and the participation of our manager is not required. The withdrawal is possible regardless of the city.

How to exchange DOGE for Raiffeisen Bank hryvnia?
  • Accurate drawing up of the application on the website.

  • Sending currency, and then receiving 3 confirmations in the bitcoin network.

  • Receive the hryvnia equivalent to the Raiffeisen Bank card.

Each of the steps will now be discussed in detail:

Features of creating an application:

  • Choosing the correct direction for the exchange.

  • Filling in the field for the amount to be exchanged.

  • It is necessary to correctly indicate the number of the card to which the transfer will be made.

  • Provide all required contact information.

  • Use the exchange option.

It is important to remember that the fixing of the rate occurs at the time of the application.

After sending the cryptocurrency, you need to wait for the first confirmation

  • After the application is created, the wallet number appears on the site, to which the withdrawal will be made, and the exchange begins.

  • It is necessary to wait for the 1st confirmation. Otherwise, this transaction will not be considered successful.

Get hryvnia withdrawal to the card
The transfer will be carried out automatically immediately after all the order data is displayed in the system.

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