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How to quickly buy cryptocurrency online
The reaction of users of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance to the withdrawal restrictions, which were announced by the administrators of the exchange, was outrage. Not surprisingly, the new limits are set at 0.06 BTC. According to the official version, Binance does this for the sake of safety. Since now there is a KYC check, the passage of which is mandatory for every trader. After that. Once the test is passed, traders will be able to increase the limit. But as a result, the exchange found itself in a crisis, since instead of buying, the target audience began to actively withdraw assets. And in 15 minutes, the outflow amounted to more than $ 1 billion.

Profitable cryptocurrency exchange from
Traders from 40 countries can be found on the Binance platform today, so the measures that were introduced have shaken the exchange's reputation. This exchange is in active demand among Ukrainians who have already regretted that they had not previously bought bitcoin for cash. Since the work of a traditional service is limited to the borders of the country, such a service has much more responsibility to its users. A great example is, which began work back in 2017, when they first began to talk about the incredible benefits of working with bitcoin. And since then there has been a significant improvement in the work of the service:

  • The exchanger operates within the existing legal framework of the country, and also occupies a leading position on BestChange;

  • All exchange procedures are carried out online, and you can also use the services of a courier or come to the main office of the company;

  • Communication with the manager is possible in many ways with modern messengers, while the site also has a menu in several languages;

  • With the help of the service, work with the most popular cryptocurrencies has been implemented;

  • The most popular banking systems are accepted for withdrawal;

  • As for working with regular customers, the option of permanent discounts has been implemented for them.

It is not necessary to use cash to buy bitcoin today. You can also use the payment for UAH in the exchanger. The national currency is a priority for use. In Ukraine, there are always risks of weakening the economy, so the use of the national currency is encouraged.

The main rule is to buy cryptocurrency online on time
10 days have already passed since the Bitcoin price has risen by a third, so at the moment the risk of a drawdown is great. According to experts, the downward reversal will be insignificant. At the moment, you can trace the presence of global interest in the world of cryptocurrency:

  • MasterCard currently supports seven cryptocurrency startups;

  • Cryptocurrency services will be offered by State Street, one of the oldest banks in the United States;

  • PayPal is already working on the launch of its cryptocurrency wallet;

  • Over the past 5-6 weeks, whales have additionally invested about $ 6.3 billion in bitcoin;

  • The balance of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, was replenished with BTC in the amount of more than $ 380 million within one hour.

The target audience is waiting for a long run. Even if there is a deep drawdown in Bitcoin, a fast cryptocurrency exchange can be used. This will allow the digital asset to be sold while the market is in shock. At the same time, BTC and altcoins are getting cheaper and more expensive consistently. This gives users time to make a decision.

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