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About Us

С1K was founded in 2017. The main goal of our work is to provide all types of financial services. Almost from the start, the company began to expand the geography of its offices. The main development strategy of C1K is based on the opening of new offices in most countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and post-Soviet countries.


Cash/Non-cash exchange

You can learn about all available currency pairs for cash and non-cash exchange in the "Exchange" section above.


Yuan operations

  • Paying bills in China
  • Money transfer to the accounts of individuals
  • Paying bills of legal entities.

Financial operations

  • International transfers;
  • Cash collection in the EU.

List of countries we have offices in:

  • Europe:
  • Limassol
  • Larnaca
  • Paphos
  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Berlin
  • Prague
  • Warsaw
  • Barcelona
  • Kosice
  • Budapest
  • Bucharest
  • Vienna
  • London
  • Chisinau
  • Zurich
  • Geneva
  • Lisbon
  • Sofia
  • Ukraine:
  • Kyiv
  • Odessa
  • Dnipro
  • Lviv
  • Uzhgorod
  • Chernivtsi
  • Vinnytsia
  • Rivne
  • Zaporizhzhia
  • Kharkiv
  • Kryvyi Rih
  • Ivano-Frankivs’k
  • CIS:
  • Almaty
  • Nursultan
  • Baku
  • Tbilisi
  • Batumi
  • Bishkek
  • Asia:
  • China
  • Hong-Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Canada:
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • The USA:
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Eastern countries:
  • Istanbul
  • Antalya
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Alanya
  • Dubai
  • The USA:
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Eastern countries:
  • Istanbul
  • Antalya
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Alanya
  • Dubai



Fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange

The site of the c1k.world exchange office today offers cryptocurrency exchange in almost every city in the world. There are a wide variety of crypto currencies. The most famous among them are Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, while you can transfer funds both to the application and withdraw cash.

How can you buy cryptocurrency?

  • Create an application directly on the site.

  • In case the purchase was made through the application of your bank, you need to make a transfer directly to the account of our company.

  • Submitting your crypto wallet. At the same time, you also need to make an appointment in advance to receive cash.

There are currently available ways to buy crypto currencies:

  • In cash in our office;

  • Using your bank card.

Opportunities for the withdrawal or sale of crypto currency

You can carry out the procedure in the office, or using the application of your bank.

  • Cash dollars;

  • Withdrawing cryptocurrency to your card.

What do you need to create an application?

  • It is necessary to fill in one of the amount fields, which depends on the desire to sell a certain amount of cryptocurrency, or vice versa, to receive a specific amount.

  • You can use an automatic calculator to calculate the amount of the application, taking into account the current rate on the site.

  • It is necessary to click on the "Exchange" button.

  • On the site, you need to fill in the fields with personal data: name and surname, e-mail address, phone number.

  • You need to click the "Exchange" button.

Next steps

  • You need to find contacts and contact the manager of our company in any way convenient for you, using the assigned phone number.

  • It is advisable to make the translation upon purchase before the meeting. At the same time, it is important that the address of the wallet to which it is necessary to send the crypto currency will be personally provided by our manager to each client. Cash can then be collected at the office.

  • When selling, the translation is done in your personal presence.

  • The transaction will be successful after receiving the 1st confirmation in the cryptocurrency network.

  • Fixation of the cryptocurrency rate is determined by the 1st confirmation.

Our contacts

ATTENTION! Dear users! Beware of scammers! Follow only the contacts listed on our website. Before transferring funds, check the wallet address with the operator in the support chat.

Cash exchange

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Non-cash exchange

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