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What to do after the London hardfork: to exchange ETH or save
ETH traders will remember the beginning of this August for the London hard fork. For users, a thematic protocol change resulted in lower fees and scalability. Investors expected this moment, which is necessary to sell Ethereum at the highest possible price. When London took place, the result showed itself quickly - the second most popular cryptocurrency rose to $ 3,200. But unfortunately, for 20 days there is an exchange of ethereum at the rate of 3,000-3,200 dollars. The course of Vitalik Buterin's brainchild has a narrow corridor, while the other altcoins and bitcoin have a price rise.

What needs to be done - change or buy Ethereum?
First, you need to consider the facts that contribute to the rise in the price of a digital asset. These are the BTC pegging, ecosystem modernization, and news background. Bitcoin is now dictating trends for Ethereum and top altcoins. The rest of the digital tokens have an alternate rise in price 3-4 times during the week. Today the well-known LTC, DOT, and even DOGE are shifting downward. That being said, the update is often temporary after there has been a drop in demand for bitcoin. Better to sell Ethereum to keep your profit. According to experts, a two-week calm will lead to the following events:

  • Growth of the exchange rate up to 3 600-4 200 dollars by the end of August;

  • Drawdown for three days to $ 1,800-2,400;

  • Course takeoff is the same as between 21 July and 12 August inclusive.

There is a dependence of the news background on bitcoin. Altcoins will repeat the trend of the leader regardless. how modernized the ecosystem is. Thus, the blockchain company Powerbridge Technologies is not buying ethereum, but is going to mine it with its 3,600 mining rigs. The Kraken Exchange announced a donation of $ 250,000 to the ETH team. The news will increase the price of the "silver" altcoin. At the same time, linking alternative tokens to BTC is much more important than the behavior of companies of different types. The conclusion is obvious: Ethereum is divided for trading at different distances.

Sell Ethereum and Forget?
As part of the Proof-of-Stake protocol, the conclusion of a contract by default makes Ethereum a key alternative asset among peers. Today, Ethereum sale is available to everyone except Phase 2.0 validators. Zero launches was announced last year. The developers of the target audience set a condition - the collection of 524,000 ETH from 16,000 depositors. At the same time, membership of validators was promised to obtain the following privileges:

  • Staking - passive earnings;

  • Accelerated processing of transactions;

  • Low power consumption;

  • The minimum commission.

Those with 32 ETH later found out that there is no way to exchange Ethereum for Fiat and Altcoins. But other players remembered the Berlin and London hard forks. The processes have increased the scalability of the ecosystem for all participants. At the same time, the target audience used the pump for speculation in the market. A full fusion of Ethereum Classic and Ethereum 2.0 is expected next year. Therefore, even poor validators can well expect to receive a stable high income according to their expectations.

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ETH traders will remember the start of this August for the London hard fork. For the users, a thematic protocol change resulted in lower fees and scalability.
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