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How to exchange bitcoin for FUIB hryvnia
Withdrawing bitcoin to a FUIB card can be done on this page. At the same time, bitcoin exchange is available only for hryvnia. In case there is a need for another currency, you need to follow the link: transfer of bitcoin to dollars.

For the exchange procedure, an automatic mode is used, which does not require the involvement of our manager. Thus, you can withdraw bitcoin from any city in Ukraine.

To exchange bitcoin for FUIB hryvnia, you must:
  • Create an application directly on our website.

  • Send cryptocurrency, and then wait for 3 confirmations that will appear on the bitcoin network.

  • Receive hryvnia, which will be transferred to the FUIB card.

Now each of the steps is discussed in detail:

Rules for creating an order:

  • Make sure the correct direction is set (Bitcoin BTC → FUIB hryvnia).

  • Fill in the amount field, where you indicate either the number of bitcoins to exchange, or the amount of hryvnia required to receive.

  • Indicate the number of the FUIB hryvnia card where you want to transfer funds.

  • Indicate information about yourself, where should be e-mail and phone number.

  • Click on the "Exchange" button.

It is important to remember that at the time of the application, the rate is fixed.

Next, you need to send bitcoin, after which you need to wait for 3 confirmations

  • You can start the exchange. The wallet number will appear after creating an application. Bitcoins need to be transferred there.

  • Wait for 3 confirmations. The operation will be considered successful only in this case.

Get a transfer to the FUIB card in hryvnia
After your payment has been confirmed, the system will automatically transfer funds.


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