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The new level has not been set - it's time to sell bitcoin
The range of the bitcoin rate on 08/27 is $ 46,600-47,800. The day before, short-term players were in a state of panic, and they tried to exchange bitcoin-fiat, since the volatility of the exchange rate was above $ 50,000. As a result, there was a market drawdown, which reduced BTS's market capitalization to $ 885 billion. Nevertheless, those companies that opted for long-term investment in bitcoin have paid off. The sale of bitcoin before the weekend was carried out within 48 thousand USD.

Is it realistic to sell bitcoin for $ 60,000
As for bonus hunters, they are actively winning the jackpot due to little-known altcoins. At the same time, the focus of experienced players is on institutional investors who have previously invested in bitcoin. Accumulations of thematic companies, according to the available data, amount to 3% of the total volume of military-technical cooperation. At the same time, the focus of consideration is at least about 537 thousand bitcoins. At the same time, the BTC emission limit is 21 million coins per figure. As for MicroStrategy, the acquisition of the indicated volume is 109,000 BTC. Tesla ranks second with 43,200 bitcoins. And the honorable third place is occupied by Square, whose earnings are at least 3.5 billion. Most of the players interested in a stable income are engaged in exchange, focusing on investor investors. Monthly BTC Chart Review Shows Multilevel Uptrend

  • 20.07-30.07 –44% increase in the exchange rate;

  • 4.08-9.08 - rise in price, first to 46, and then to 48 thousand dollars;

  • 18.08-23.08 - Bitcoin drain by 10%.

Despite the obvious drawdown at the third stage, most of the major players remain calm. Otherwise, before the weekend, the sell order would have varied within the range of 36-42 thousand USD. Taking into account the fluctuations of more than 46 thousand. A stable zone of resistance is created.

Who is not interested in buying bitcoin?
A year ago, there were a lot of promises to sell more than 60 thousand dollars. However, this year, such predictions have not attracted as much interest. In April, there was a record that enabled institutional investors to calculate profits. While the focus of ordinary players is on the altcoin. Ethereum's London hard fork contributed the most to this. As for the exchange of bitcoin for ether, such operations are not interesting to all traders. You need to understand that there is a clear link between the rate of top altcoins and the leader in the world of cryptocurrencies. Even though there is a repetition of behavior on the part of outsiders in military-technical cooperation, this happens very abruptly. If we consider several altcoins, then there is a big jump in their behavior, namely:

  • Marginswap (MFI) - 10-fold rise in price;

  • Lidia Finance (LYD) - 550% hype;

  • Ispolink (ISP) - a threefold rise in price.

With the subsequent rise in the price of bitcoin or being within a narrow corridor, the further pump should be expected. However, at the moment you need to be extremely vigilant because in the fall the situation can change dramatically. Already in September. According to experts, we should expect Bitcoin to sink. An uptrend can be expected in December. This situation is quite logical from an economic point of view. Risks are expected. Therefore, it is recommended to sell bitcoin in the amount of 10-50% of the total.

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